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Speech Coaching

speech coachingYou may have your speech written (or most of it) but are feeling apprehensive about actually standing up and delivering it in front of your friends and family. We can help you to prepare for speaking in public and give you the confidence to deliver your speech with pleasure, passion and precision.

In our speech coaching consultations, we act both as an editor, helping you to decide what works in your speech and what perhaps needs further work, and as a performance coach, focussing on the delivery of your speech. We rehearse your speech thoroughly with you, giving you advice on pace and pausing, voice production and posture, and showing you how to deliver your speech with poise and clarity. Our expertise in public speaking and speech writing means that you will be able to feel confident and secure that you will give of your best on the big day.

We can conduct speech coaching consultations in person or via Skype, if you are outside of Adelaide.