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Wedding Speeches

wedding speechesWhether you’re the Groom, Best Man, Bride, or any member of the wedding party, you will undoubtedly want your speech to be engaging and entertaining, but you may not know how to structure and organise your ideas and anecdotes so that they are both coherent and memorable. We can therefore help you to create a unique speech that is all this and more.

We can conduct speech writing consultations in person or via Skype, if you are outside of Adelaide.

First consultation
Our first meeting is our opportunity to get to know each other and to find out what sort of speech you are looking to create. We’ll also learn about your personality and how you speak, the stories or anecdotes you would like to include, and we can also give you advice on what you should (and shouldn’t!) talk about. We will also help you with the protocol of the occasion and offer tips on presentation and voice production.

First Draft
After our first consultation, we will prepare a first draft of your speech and email it to you to read and consider. Once you have read your speech, you then let us know if there is anything that you forgot to include, or if there are any changes that you want to make. You then email any changes back to us and we incorporate them into your speech.

Final Draft
After you have given us your changes and suggestions, we incorporate these into your speech and then email a final draft back to you for your approval.

Second Consultation (optional)
At this meeting, we rehearse your speech with you, giving you advice on pace and pausing, voice production and posture, and how to ensure that your speech is delivered with poise and clarity. We also help you with any last-minute questions and worries, so that you know you will be completely prepared to give your wedding speech with confidence and with pleasure.